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About the State Cultural Treasures Awards

The Western Australian State Living Treasures Awards, as they were previously known, were inaugurated in 1998 to honour senior Western Australian artists who have made a lifelong contribution to their art form and their community.

The concept of State Living Treasures originated in Japan in the post-World War II period, when the title became the highest honour attainable by a senior traditional artist. Since then, the Living Treasures Awards programs have been adopted worldwide to honour influential elders of the artistic community. The awards acknowledge the ability of recipients to engage, move, involve and entertain audiences and honour the skill, imagination and originality of the artist.

The Western Australian awards were again presented in 2004 and 2015 to honour and celebrate the diversity, talent and richness of a new group of individual artists. A distinguished panel selected recipients based on their exceptional level of artistic skill and dedication to developing their particular art form, their contribution in teaching and collaborating with other artists, as well as a demonstrated long- term involvement in the arts in Western Australia.

The 2022 State Cultural Treasures Awards have seen a new category of community impact being introduced,  acknowledging the impact community arts organisations have within their communities and on Western Australia as a whole.

Premier’s message

The 2022 State Cultural Treasures Awards celebrate and honour senior Western Australian artists and organisations who have made outstanding lifelong contributions to their art form and community. The awards recognise the recipients’ skill, creativity, imagination and originality in their respective fields, with each of the recipients also having served as mentors by passing on their knowledge to the next generation of artists.

The list of award recipients for 2022 is testament to the cultural and geographical diversity of our vast state, and our recipients’ work and careers have provided a long-lasting legacy to the arts and cultural landscape within Western Australia. Each of this year’s recipients has inspired audiences and communities alike in sharing stories which profoundly reflect our Western Australian identity.

My congratulations go to each of the 2022 State Cultural Treasures Award recipients for the honour bestowed upon them tonight, along with my deepest gratitude and appreciation for their profound contribution to the Western Australian communities in which they have created, worked and lived.

The Hon. Mark McGowan MLA Premier of Western Australia

Minister’s message

The State Cultural Treasures Awards were introduced in 1998 to honour outstanding senior Western Australian artists and have previously been awarded in 2004 and 2015 (then as State Living Treasures Awards) to a total of 38 Western Australian artists to date. This year, the 2022 State Cultural Treasures Awards are introducing a new category of  community impact, acknowledging individuals and organisations which have had a deep and profound impact on their respective communities.

Our recipients for 2022 reflect a diverse range of art forms, including visual arts, dance, design, music, theatre and film, writing and community impact, and recognise the extraordinary talent and breadth of our homegrown artists.

My sincere thanks go to all of those who have nominated individuals and organisations to be considered for this prestigious award, as well as to our esteemed panel members for their generous and considered decision- making in selecting our 2022 recipients.

It is evident through the nominations that we have received that Western Australia is home to some truly outstanding artists and artistic organisations. My heartfelt congratulations to all of the 2022 recipients and thank you to tonight’s guests for joining us in honouring our State Cultural Treasures’ outstanding artistic output and contribution to a vibrant, dynamic and inclusive Western Australian community.

The Hon. David Templeman MLA Minister for Culture and the Arts

More info and full list of winners here.