How blown away were we to completely sell out our 2022 event within two hours – and today to feel so low.

Yesterday the Nannup Music Club met to discuss the unfolding of events and the potential impact on the 2022 festival. The hard decision was made to cancel this year’s event.

It was far from a light discussion, and we weighed up all the scenarios arriving to this. There is way too much uncertainty. Our primary concern is the health and wellbeing of all involved. For the immediate and the long-term. It feels that the closer we get to March (and with our event held within weeks of the borders opening) the higher the risk, and that could mean disaster for the 2022 NMF and a risk for future festivals.

So much love and devotion goes into this industry, the need for support is as great as ever. Please continue to support wherever you can, support the artists, buy some merch, send them some love, drop in to a food stall and grab a meal, throw a coin at a busker, smile at the toilet cleaners and thank them, thank a soundie at the event, the vollies or door staff, the incredible funders and sponsors. So many people come together to make events happen, and they are really feeling this impact now; anything we can do to keep sharing love and caring for each other will help us get through this. Times are tough and we are all feeling it in one way or another.

To lose a magical event like Nannup hurts, it’s an oasis we all need – yet the potential for it to be cancelled or have restrictions that dampen its sprit, mean we are better making this call now.

If you have tickets, we will be in touch. If you have accommodation booked, think how wonderful a weekend in Nannup will be anyhow. The town will feel this loss and any support back into the community will be greatly appreciated.

2023 is not far away from planning, and that we will. Lets hope it’s going to be the brightest year yet and that we can come together again and celebrate the passing of a few strange years. Take good care of yourself and each other. It’s so incredibly important now, perhaps more than ever before.

We really hope that you’re on board with us again in 2023.

The Nannup Music Festival Team