Volunteer FAQs

Do I need to complete any training to be a volunteer?

  • You will be informed of your specific duties by email with your roster. You may receive further information from your Area Manager immediately prior to the festival.
  • Some roles  require attendance at a Volunteer Induction on the Friday evening or Saturday morning of the festival. Details will be advised with your roster notification.
  • Some roles require particular skills or qualifications e.g. Working With Children Check, RSA or First Aid Certificate. You will be asked to upload copies of these qualifications when you register online.
  • If you have a particular skill that you feel will be of value to the festival, and it is not listed already, please note it in the comment box on your registration form.

Do you accept Youth volunteers?

  • There are a limited number of roles for volunteers between the ages of 13 and 17.
  • Youth volunteers require at least one parent/legal guardian to also be a volunteer and must bring that parent/legal guardian for initial check-in.

How do I go about volunteering?
You can register online after registrations open in November.

When will I know if my registration has been successful?

  • You will receive an immediate ‘Success!’ message on submission of your online registration.
  • You will receive an email when your roster is available for viewing online. This will be AFTER the 14th January 2024.
  • You will need to acknowledge acceptance of your roster as soon as possible after it is published.
  • Shift allocations are usually made by the first week in February.

How many hours do I need to contribute?

  • Adults: minimum of 9 hours (3 x 3 hours)
  • Youth (13 – 17 years old): minimum of 6 hours (2 x 3 hours)

What’s in it for me?
Volunteers who register and commit to volunteering for the required hours over the festival weekend will receive in return:

  • a full Weekend Festival Ticket
  • a Volunteer T-Shirt
  • a sense of achievement in making a valuable contribution to a community event

Is accommodation provided for volunteers?

  • Volunteers are required to organise, and pay for, their own accommodation, including camping, for the whole festival weekend.

How do I purchase a Volunteer Camping ticket?

  • Camping tickets will only be available to Volunteers on a one volunteer/one Camping ticket basis. Non-volunteer partners attending, and non-volunteer youth, who wish to camp, will need to purchase ‘Festival Weekend plus Camping’ tickets in advance.
  • Where both parents are volunteering, provision can be made, on request, for their children (aged over 2 and under 13) to camp for the weekend at the child camping rate. Children of volunteers between the ages of 13 and 17, must either be volunteers in their own right or hold a Youth ‘Festival Weekend plus Camping’ ticket.
  • All Volunteers who require camping will pay the same price of $60 per Youth/Adult.
  • You must reserve your camping spot at the time you fill in your Volunteer registration form.  
  • Your camping ticket can only be purchased at the Ticket Office on arrival at the festival.

Is camping available for Setup volunteers?

  • Volunteers who are on roster during Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday of setup week will be provided with a camping permit for Wednesday and/or Thursday night pre-festival.
  • Volunteers who are selected for 15 hours volunteering during setup week, will be eligible for free camping during the festival (Friday through to Sunday), as well as free pre-festival camping for Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Is there reserved parking for volunteers?

No. There is no reserved parking for volunteers but there is plenty of free parking in Nannup during the festival weekend for everyone. There is also a Shuttle Bus from the festival campground to the main festival site throughout the weekend.

How are shifts allocated?

  • Roster allocation is done according to the information you provide on the online registration form. You are encouraged to provide as much information as possible to assist the Volunteer Manager to allocate appropriate shifts to you.
  • Age limits apply in some areas. You will be asked to provide your age during registration.
  • To assist in the smooth running of the festival, it is likely you will be allocated to the same position for more than one shift over the Festival.
  • Volunteers who are not available for setup and/or pack down should expect to do be allocated at least one Sunday shift and one night shift.

Where do I report when I arrive in Nannup and what happens next?

  • On arrival you are required to check in at the Volunteer HQ in the white cottage on the corner of Brockman Street and Warren Road. The Volunteer HQ will be open from 9 am to 9 pm on Friday and from 7 am to 10 pm on Saturday & Sunday.
  • All volunteers must check-in at least 1 hour prior to their first shift. If for any reason you are held up please contact the Volunteer Manager.
  • On check-in you will be asked to confirm your details (as per your online registration) and to check your roster.
  • You will then be provided with your wristband which gives you full weekend entry to all venues throughout the Festival. You will also be issued with your Volunteer T-shirt.
  • Thereafter, you will need to report to the Volunteer HQ at least 15 minutes prior to each shift to receive specific instructions about your duties, allowing time to make your way to your post and for handover from the previous Volunteer.
  • At the end of each shift, you will be required to return to the Volunteer HQ to sign off. If your replacement has not arrived by handover time, please advise the Volunteers on duty at the Volunteer HQ.

Where do l report if I have shifts allocated prior to Friday?

The Volunteer HQ will be open from 9 am until 1 pm on the Wednesday and Thursday prior to the festival. The Secret Garden at 19 Brockman Street is the base for all pre-festival shifts.

Can I wait to volunteer at the Festival?

  •  If you do not sign up early we can’t guarantee that you will (a) be able to work in your preferred area, or (b) that there will be enough shifts remaining in any area to make up the hours you need to qualify for free entry.
  • There are sometimes last-minute shifts that need to be filled across the festival due to illness or no-shows. Please head to the Volunteer HQ and ask what’s available.

Can I get discounted tickets for my friends and family?
No. There are no discounted tickets available to friends and family of volunteers. But they could volunteer too!

Can my children accompany me on shifts?
It is generally inappropriate for children under the age of 13 to accompany a parent during a shift. Youth Volunteers may be allocated the same roster as a parent at the discretion of the Volunteer Manager.

What should I do if I cannot attend the Festival after all?

It takes a huge effort to make the Nannup Music Festival a success. We realise that things may crop up ‘last minute’ which might prevent you from attending so we ask that you communicate with us in a timely manner.

  • If you find that you can’t make the Festival it is your responsibility to cancel your shifts. Please contact the Volunteer Manager at volunteers@nannupmusicfestival.org as soon as you possibly can so that a replacement can be found.
  • Volunteers who don’t cancel in advance and simply don’t turn up can significantly undermine the smooth running of the festival. This will affect any future application you may make.