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A Green Investment in the Nannup Music Festival

The Nannup Music Club Inc would like to invite you to become a Green Sponsor of the Nannup Music Festival 2024. This is a special category designed to allow the Club to pursue its green targets of becoming the festival with the lightest environmental footprint in Australia.  In 2017, the Nannup Music Festival was the State Winner of the Tidy Towns Awards, the category of Litter Prevention and Waste Management. We have been building on this ever since.

The Club is proud of our work to date, with our Green Steps Initiative and our bespoke Waste Wise Plan. This Plan was prepared in order for us to continue to deliver, monitor, assess and improve our self-managed Waste Wise Programme. The WWP outlines the strategies for keeping the unique bushland setting of the Festival as pristine as possible by recycling, composting, and minimising waste to landfill. We have also set ourselves the target of becoming a plastic-free event.

The Festival has a dedicated Waste Wise Coordinator, who manages designated teams of volunteers in the areas of general waste, compostable waste, recycling, waste removal, Food Court management (dishwashing and waste removal), and venue management.

The journey towards reducing plastic began in 2014, when the Festival ceased ordering hundreds of plastic water bottles for artists, instead supplying stainless steel refillable bottles and water refilling stations. This strategy has progressed and grown each year and is now widely understood and accepted by both stallholders and everyone attending the Festival. A big attraction in the Food Court since 2016 has been the dishwashing and crockery stations, giving Festival patrons the opportunity to use crockery and cutlery and have it washed for re-use, eliminating the need for single-use plastics. This has grown over the last five years to gain unanimous support by patrons as well as great uptake by stallholders. The water refill stations, the dishwashing and crockery stations and the creation of a Waste Wise hub at the Festival has been made possible thanks to the ongoing support of Keep Australia Beautiful WA, through three separate grants.  

Our aim of becoming plastic-free has also led us to changing over from the heavy-duty black plastic bin liners used throughout the Festival site, to compostable bin bags. Despite efforts to reduce waste, large numbers of these bin liners are required over the four days of the Festival, and this also requires extra funds.

The Festival has implemented a number of strategies to keep the event plastic-free and low waste. Most of these are working well, albeit with adaptation and modification each year, while others are lacking in equipment which would greatly support our operations and ensure our event’s compliance with current event management guidelines – as an example, converting the dishwashing station to hot water.  We are also aligning our strategies with the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030 and continue to apply for Waste Authority WA funding towards new projects.

In order to put the Nannup Music Festival at the forefront of environmentally friendly and sustainable event management, we are seeking a small number of valued Green Sponsors to assist with the purchase of equipment and allow us to continue to improve the delivery of the Waste Wise Programme, which is based on our guiding principles of avoid, recover, recycle, reuse. We promote the programme up before, during and after the Festival via a comprehensive social media and communications campaign that outlines our strategies, reminds patrons of our collective responsibilities, and invites them to be part of the solution. As a Green Sponsor, these messages will also acknowledge your valued support.

What Can I Do?

We are inviting you to invest $1,200 in our green projects, in exchange for 2x Adult Weekend Tickets with Camping and public acknowledgment of your support.

Please contact us at for more information.

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