The Nomadics

introducing The Nomadics – a captivating musical family comprising Bec Schofield, Dave Mann, and their three children. Close your eyes and transport yourself to the heart of remote Australia, where the vivid red dirt, white-blond grass, and turquoise sea surround you. Under the shade of a gum tree, you can feel the ancient heartbeat of the land.

Suddenly, a rumbling sound emerges from the distance, growing closer. It’s a big blue truck carrying the legendary Dave Mann and his talented wife, Bec Schofield. Their tousle-headed children dot the scene as The Nomadics arrive, ready to share their enchanting melodies and stories.

A decade ago, Dave and Bec met in the Northern Territory, and since then, their creative alchemy has been unstoppable. Their music weaves tales of Country, love, life, and history – a fusion of experiences, wisdom, and time-honored events. Deceptively simple yet deeply personal, their harmonies meld seamlessly, leaving a profound impact on listeners.

Their music is like good medicine for the soul, offering a rich and nourishing experience akin to a cool drink on a hot day. As they share their lives, they share the artistic process, co-writing, arranging, producing, and performing together. They travel across the vast Australian landscape in their big blue veggie oil-powered house truck, venturing to remote areas where they perform at gigs, festivals, and residencies.

Their adventures while traveling become the wellspring of inspiration for their songs. They homeschool their children on the road and search for veggie oil, the liquid gold that sustains their journey. Recently, the vast blue ocean has firmly entered their sights, providing yet another source of inspiration.

The Nomadics are not just musicians; they are true musical alchemists, infusing vulnerability and courage into their art. Their deep love for each other and the world is evident in their stunning harmonies, which have a mesmerizing charm that draws people in.

Their latest album, “Green Shoots from Dead Wood,” showcases their soulful country melodies and masterful songwriting. With each performance, The Nomadics breathe life into characters and stories that yearn to be heard and honored, leaving audiences captivated and moved.



Embark on a captivating vocal journey with esteemed vocalists Bec Schofield and Dave Mann from The Nomadics. Rediscover your natural voice, connect to the rich tapestry of sound, and explore enchanting call-and-response songs that empower us to harmonise a better world. This uplifting workshop expands expressive horizons, creating internal and external freedom of expression.