Willie J & The Bad Books

Imagine what would happen if Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson & Janis Joplin met at The Crossroads and decided to form a band. That band would sound like Willie J & The Bad Books.

This band lights up every stage and takes no prisoners. They bring a fresh approach to blues rock laced with psychedelic heavy grooves and jaw dropping riffage. Every show is a soul sacrifice from the band that demands you to boogie.

For all members of Willie J & The Bad Books, music has been an integral and essential part of life. Springing to life during the pandemic, Will first met future Bad Books drummer Fru Parsons while playing on Brunswick Street. Bassist Matt Forge entered the fray following a conversation with Will over starting a blues and rock band. Matt worked with Rick and resident Bad Books boogie-queen, vocalist and organist Eileen Hodgkins – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Bolstered by a shared adoration for classic tunes and the organic creative process between the quintet, Willie J & The Bad Books have caught the eyes and ears of many. With plenty of shows on the local live circuit up their sleeves, festival appearances, live videos, singles and a debut album in the works, Willie J & The Bad Books are firing on all cylinders.