Reuben De Melo

Reuben De Melo hails from Perth, Western Australia. He is currently juggling work and doing what he loves hoping to find a balance. It should be easy if they’re the same thing however, becoming a new dad to an amazing little boy has shown him life through a different lens with the scope set towards his son’s future.

The journey that life takes you on is often an unpredictable one and to him, this is exactly how a song reveals itself. He is inspired by artists such as: ‘The Tallest Man on Earth’, ‘The Milk Carton Kids’ and ‘Gregory Alan Issakov’ and stays true to his eclectic tastes in modern alternative rock and reggae.

Having played at most venues in Perth, his dream is to travel further with his music. Despite the severe lack of words that can communicate what one truly feels, his songs stay glued to the initial feelings that birth them. To quote the artist himself: ‘”if you truly listen to your circumstance, it can often become the most beautiful muse”.