Olivia De Melo

Olivia De Melo has been on the road with tours overseas and nationally, showcasing a string of new music.

It’s not surprising that her fresh releases dip into multi-genre waters, but what remains iconic is De Melo’s distinctive alt pop vocals with rich harmonies and melody lines which allow her to swim in any genre of music, whilst remaining identifiably unique.

Olivia planted herself in the Perth music scene just over 5 years ago when she picked up her poetry book, taught herself the guitar, & re-sparked her lost passion for music & performing from her school days.

Performing in many of WA’s most popular venues since, De Melo has supported & played alongside WA’s favourites, including Dulcie, Timothy Nelson, Otiuh, Old Blood, Riley Pierce, Teisha, Jordy Maxwell, & Michael Dunstan.

Balancing a life teaching at university juxtaposed with a passion for song-writing, the academic and the muso inside of Olivia are in sync. Before music, she was working with special needs & Australian Aboriginal students, as well as liaising with remote Aboriginal communities, working with elders to develop and deliver cultural awareness training across WA.