Little Things

To anyone who stumbled down the dark smoky stairs of the Firm, Loft or Planet Nighclub, Little Things  might feel like some kind of fever dream: Look! On bass… is that really Gretta Little from the Rosemary Beads howling at the moon? Isn’t that Alex and Mark, the old rhythm section from Red Jezebel? But what’s that contraption flashing at Mark’s feet? Why’s his brother playing electric guitar on a viola? Don’t wake up, best sweat this one out…



Gretta Little is a Clinical Psychologist and Director at Helios Psychology, where she helps people experiencing mental health difficulties. Chris Cruickshank Lectures at The University of Western Australia, where he completed a PhD about methamphetamine withdrawal. For a time, they worked together at Next Step Drug and Alcohol Services. In this presentation, Gretta and Chris explain how drugs like methamphetamine cause their nefarious effects, and suggest how you could support loved ones going through drug hell.