JaZaza Collective

When the Pirates join the Circus, musical songlines become theatric, a mystical caravan jumps to another dimension and Cosmic Jesters are brought into existence.

The magic that this concious collaboration of talented creatures attracts is not to be missed. The JaZaza Collective unites to empower their audience and each ones individual and collective dream for the betterment of all in celebration of what is most precious: the Child within.

Joyous, uplifting harmonies and poetic lyrics with a bit of cheek inspire minds, bodies and souls. Painted faces are just the beginning of the JaZaza experience with their magnetic storytelling, bouncy rhythms, luring charm and humorous honesty.

We invite you to come on a journey across the dimensional globe with this bunch of unique creatures and their playful interactive songs.

JOIN US, you will be delightfully satisfied!

Come celebrate the inner Child and inspire your Dreams.



An interactive workshop that encourages singalong, dancing and the discovery of the inner clown.