Floral Bodies

Lisa Collyer is a poet and educator living and working in Boorloo. She writes poetry, about women s bodies, like the jagged edge of a can opened-up.

She has been published in Westerly, Cordite, Rabbit, Australian Poetry Anthology, Science Write Now and more. She was an Inspire writer-in-residence with The National Trust of W.A. where she meticulously researched Woodbridge as an aged care facility to write poetry about women’s bodies with agency. Her debut manuscript was short-listed for the Dorothy Hewett Award for an unpublished manuscript.

How to Order Eggs Sunny Side Up is a conversation in poems on the taboo and abject bodies of women. Collyer refuses selflessness, tackling the disquieting dilemmas of feminine space with erotic and comic freedom.

Praise for How to Order Eggs Sunny Side Up:

‘Searing poetry of feminine experience, How to Order Eggs Sunny Side Up is unashamedly visceral and lights up with flashes of literary incandescence. Formally inventive, bleakly comic, slyly erotic – these are poems which bristle with edges and glint like cut gems. Each poem arrives like a dare, refusing euphemism or domestication.’



Describe, observe, and connect your body to Western Australian botanical art.

Plants (like bodies) cultivate techniques to entice, compete and adapt. Lisa Collyer  poet, educator, and horticulturist) will guide you through a personal response to botanical art and floral specimens to create visceral and embodied poetry.